Stabilo®Max – 2 years warranty! Webbing, Corner edge strap protector Heavy duty Black TÜV Rheinland

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Product Description

Very strong and reliable strap protector with 2 years warranty!

Dimensions (mm): 150x225x185
Weight (g): 290 (+/- 3%)
Color: black
Composition: 100% polypropylene


To the protection the edges of various goods (especially the paper in reams or rolls, cartoon-gypsum plates), to prevent against the crashes and different damages which can step out while fixing goods on the vehicle by the lashing straps. Also, to protection the lashing straps subject cutting during transportation various goods with sharp edges, i.e. steel sheets or plates.

Additional advantages

  • Strong and flexible construction
  • Resistant on cracks and fractures in the wide range of temperatures: from – 20°C to +70°C
  • The enlarged surface of shoulders allow to spread the strength of the lashing straps pressure
  • Manufacturing process is certified and under constant supervision of the TÜV Rheinland


The corner protector Stabilo Max® has been tested by TÜV Rheinland in reference to guidelines VDI 2700 and the requirements of the directive (norm) DIN EN 12195-1 (April 2004). The value of factor k ≥1,78 has been confirmed within lab test, executed by TŰV Rheinland laboratory in Köln-Germany – report No. 942 7190456-BH dated April, 09th 2013.

Environmental Protection

The substance is not biodegradable in the environment, user cannot allow the substance to escape to the
environment. Recycling in 100% is possible, product can be reproduced back into the form of granulate and reused in the other production process. The end user is entirely responsible for deciding about the suitability of the product to the specified purposes. The end user is also responsible for the recycling or if necessary the utilization in proper manner.

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