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Regupol®Webbing, Corner edge strap protector guard anti-slip rubber and fabric

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Webbing corner strap protector

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Product Description

Regupol® Webbing Protectors safeguard lashing straps from premature wear and tear caused by sharp edges, and protect breakable loads from damage. Regupol® Webbing Protectors ensure that the lashing strap slides across the load on both edges when being lashed and that the lashing capacity of the belt is evenly distributed. Their underside consist of robust, anti-slip Regupol® material, and their upper side of a special fabric layer.


To the protection the edges of various goods (especially the paper in reams or rolls, cartoon-gypsum plates), to prevent against the crashes and different damages which can step out while fixing goods on the vehicle by the lashing straps. Also, to protection the lashing straps subject cutting during transportation various goods with sharp edges, i.e. steel sheets or plates.

Additional advantages

  • Fast simple fixing
  • No threading of the lash required
  • Rear side original Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats
  • Improvement of the transfer coefficient K
  • Flexible and optimally adaptable for all lashes


Robust, friction-enhancing and pressure-resistant Regupol® anti-alip material with a special fabric on the upper side.

Environmental Protection

Considering legal regulations, can be deposited with residual waste as per waste code 200301 according to European Waste Catalogue (EWC) without difficulty.

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