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Regupol®Anti-Slip Mat roll 3mm thick 25cm x 10m long webbing cargo load security heavy duty

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Webbing corner strap protector

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Product Description

Regupol® Anti -Slip Mats are nowadays considered to be the basic equipment needed to any professional transport operation. By increasing the degree of friction, we can reduce the tension of lashing straps needed to secure the load and reduce the probability of damage of the load or the truck. Regupol® Anti Slip Mats meet the requirements of the VDI 2700 guideline and EN 12195-1 norm. Very good quality and functionality of this product have been confirmed by tests carried out by well-reputed institutes.


  • 3mm thick
  • 25cm wide
  • 10m long

Quality marking

Regupol® mats are marked with color – mistakes are not possible. Reserved marking system, realized with green, yellow or red particles in the mats makes it possible to distinguish a genuine of Regupol® anti slip mat. Thanks to that, mistaking the test results of Regupol® mats with any other mats manufactured by other companies, or intentional replacing, is impossible.


Regupol® 7210 LS Plus can be applied in case of transporting a variety of loads as friction-increasing surface. Since many years this type of the mat has been successfully used by many forwarding agents and shippers as the basic equipment for any transport operation.

Maximum load

250 tonnes/m² = 2,50 N/mm² (when 8 mm of thickness)

Sliding friction coefficient

μ ≥ 0,6, in accordance with VDI 2700 guidelines

Temperature resistance

– 40 °C – + 120 °C

Color: black with green, light green and yellow particles

End of service Life

Check the anti-slip mats before, during and after being used for visible defects. They should be discarded in the case of the following defects: cracks, permament deformations or pressure marks, holes in the material, swelled areas, damage due to contact with aggressive substances, embrittlement or other soiling cusing functional damage.

Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats are suitable for multiple use until they are no longer safe to operate according to test reports conducted by the VDZ Dortmund.


UV, sodium chloride, weak acids and bases (swelling in hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, etc.)


Shaking out, vacuuming, washing off, tratment with a high-pressure cleaner if necessary


Environmental Protection

Considering legal regulations, can be deposited with residual waste as per waste code 070299 according to European Waste Catalogue (EWC) without difficulty.

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